Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation

The Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation was established in 1999. Prior to its becoming a full -fledged Ministry, it had passed through various stages of evolvement. Initially, it used to be a Department of Women and Children in the Ministry of Youths, Sports and Social Welfare. It was later upgraded to a Bureau under the Governor’s Office. Subsequently, it metamorphosed into Women Commission in 1993 by Decree 42 of 1992.

It eventually became a full- fledged Ministry by virtue of Lagos State Official Gazette No 7, Vol. 34 of 22ND March 2001. Since then, the scope of its activities has continued to expand to cover a wide spectrum of sectors in the State.






The Ministry comprises of the following Departments

Administration and Human Resources

Women Affairs

Poverty Alleviation

Planning, Research and Statistics



Skill Acquisition Development Unit (SADU)



Public Affairs


Skills Acquisition Development Unit: The unit is charged with the responsibility of   empowering women and young adults economically,  through Long- term Skills Acquisition trainings  for financial sustainability. The target is to ensure  financial stability of women Residents as contributors towards economic growth.

One of the major initiatives taken by the Unit, was the expansion of the scope of the programmes to include the production of Industrial Gas Cooker and Oven by the Welding and Fabrication Department, for the purpose of technological advancement  being directed  at financial proficiency .

So far, this unit controls a total  of 20 Skills Acquisition Centres where no fewer than 20 vocations are taught tuition-free,   to ensure Lagos State Government’s  goal on Poverty  reduction becomes a veritable tool of  societal change. The Ministry has continued to maximize the available resources for the  exponential  populace , in order to achieve financial success .

In collaboration with Lagos State Technical and Vocational Board (LASTVEB), the Ministry reviewed the training syllabus which has led to the award of highly recognized Certificate of Competence to Graduates of these Centres. This has further created a seamless movement for interested Graduates of Skills Centres who are willing to further their Vocational training up to Tertiary Institution , to proceed without inhibition.

Poverty Alleviation Department

This Department is charged with improvement on the living conditions of indigents and vulnerable citizenry,  through social intervention programmes as; Livelihood support programmes;  the Micro-Enterprise Scheme Initiative (MESI) and the Women – in -Agriculture  Initiative The Micro – Enterprise Support Initiative is being organized four times as an annual programme, which  adequately caters for the needs of Lagos women residents . Beneficiaries of this Initiative are empowered with working tools  as Milling Machines , Sewing machines, Professional Hair dryers, Barbing set with Sterilizers and Generators, Barbecue grillers, pop-corn machines , Snail pens, Industrial cookers, Tile laying Machine processing equipment, Android phones, to enhance digital marketing of their products and services for easy accessibility to their prospective clientele.

The Women in Agriculture Initiative is a quarterly training  empowerment programme for Women on farm cultivation of crops  at Avia farm , Badagry, Participants are each empowered with a parcel of Land to cultivate and harvest their crops for financial sustainability. These are also granted opportunities of large scale production of farm produce,  using clustered processing machinery which are  provided to graduands  by MWAPA,  under  the MESSI programme

Other farming techniques by the department include: cat – fish breeding, Snail rearing and grass – cutter farming

Women Affairs Department

The Women Affairs Department handles issues of womanhood, widowhood and economic Stability of  indigent and vulnerable women as a developmental concern in Lagos State. Intervention programmes are economically  patterned to empower women through Short-term  Skills Acquisition programmes . This is a  4 week Short-term Skills Acquisition programme aimed at training and   empowering indigents and active adults,  towards financial sustainably  .  Participants are given start-up packs upon completion of  trainings, on 9  respective vocations. It is quite noteworthy to state here , that all trainings and start – up packs are  given free of charge to successful trainees at the end of the 4 – weeks training.  Other intervention strategies include; the International Widows’ Day which as a global event,  affords widows’ plights a form of cushioned financial support, for small scale entrepreneurial ventures. The International Day for Rural Women celebration is being coordinated from this department, with specific target at highlighting the   roles which grassroots women play in economic advancement of Lagos State.

The Department also   organizes WAPA Connect, a programme  aimed at providing the platform for  the State Governor on Private / Public Partnership liaison with  women entrepreneurs

As a form of reaching out to the grassroots, Women Assembly;  is sought as an annual programme , wherefore selected  number of women across 57 Local Governments/Local Council Development Areas, form a working synergy  in addressing trivial issues with  vested interest of financial advancement , even as free medical check – ups are being conducted at the event,   to identify participants’ health status towards qualitative medical care.

The Food and Nutrition programme , is a poverty alleviation strategy to educate women and girls, on maintaining  healthy    Lifestyles using staple dietary processes.

Admin and Human Resource

Administrative support to all Directorates and units by providing professional guidelines and procedures on specific services of the directorates and units of excellent service delivery. Services include; General Administration, Workforce planning and Recruitment, Learning and Development, Employees and Industrial Relations, HR Measures and Accountability

Finance and Account Department

Ensures accessibility of funds for projects and programmes. Services include; Fund management, Employee benefits, Store Management, Revenue generation

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

The department provide seamless delivery of equitable distribution of resources to Department/Units for efficient and impeccable service delivery.. Services include: Medium – term sector, Strategy and Medium – term expenditure frame work,  Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Procurement Unit

The unit adheres to the procurement policies under the extant rules of Public Service. It Services include; Procurement Plan, Monitoring and evaluation, Ministerial Tender’s Board meeting, Bid documents.

Internal Audit

Provide effective internal control and serve as management eye of the Ministry. Services include; Payment voucher, monitoring of Ministries activities, auditing of revenues, Protection of Government assets.

Legal Unit

The Unit provides Legal services for effective and efficient service delivery. Services include; Legal matters, vetting contracts and Legal instruments document, Counseling and mediation services, Sexual Abuse and Domestic/ Gender-based violence, Handling of court related issues

Information and Communication, Technology

The Unit is responsible for utilization of modern technology for effective management of Government business. It  Services include; hardware’s, Soft wares installation and maintenance.

Public Affairs Unit: The Unit  plays a focal role of using  deliberate and sustained means in maintaining media relations ,  through Public Relations processes in portraying  the image of the Ministry , for mutual understanding with its Public.

The Public Affairs’ Unit’s purview specifically   combines Government relations, Media communications, crisis/issue management, Corporate and Social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communications advice within the Ministry, It Services include; Information gathering and dissemination processes, media relations, research , public relations tour, post events analysis, Communication tools, Press relations etc.


Introduction: Domestic Violence is willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern or power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another

Roles of Domestic Violence Unit: involve curbing the abusive behavior of perpetrators and protection of survivors from all forms of violence through rescue and or special intervention

Services offered by the Unit in the Ministry

Provision of Psycho-social Interventions such as Counseling, Rescue and Rehabilitative services to survivors of Domestic Violence (DV) in order to ensure Emotional, Psychological, Mental, Economic Stability and Restoration to an improved state of mind through effective Cognitive behavioral Therapy.
The Unit conducts social Investigation, visitation and Follow– up of cases of gender based violence.
The Domestic violence unit has the responsibility of Referrals of survivors to Skills Acquisition Development Unit in the Ministry for Empowerment programmes
The unit also Transfers matters that are not within the purview of the Ministry to relevant MDAs (Ministry of Justice, Youth and Social Development, Health and Office of Civic Engagement)
The unit create awareness on Zero tolerance to Domestic Violence among stakeholders and facilitate Sensitization Programmes to curb the incidence of Domestic Violence in the society.


Introduction: The Non-Governmental Organization Unit (NGO) in the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation strategizes and collaborates with women focused Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to effectively address issues that affect women in Lagos State.

The Non-Governmental Organizations’ Unit (NGO) source for Women focused Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and also ensure they have valid registration of operations in the State.
The Unit appraises/evaluates women focused Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)worthy of registration and verifies the claims of assignments.
The Unit renews certificates for women focused Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS)
The unit organizes Interactive Sessions with the registered women focused NGOs emphasizing on THEMES agenda of Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu in relation to womanhood within the society
The Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation through the NGO unit, offers Grants-in Aid to women focused Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as support and motivation for their various empowerment programmes in the State
The unit organizes capacity building workshops for women focused NGOs to afford them the opportunities of networking for improved service delivery.


Women Development Centre (WDC), Oba Ogunji Street, Agege.

Homes under the supervision of the Ministry

— Ketu Special Children Center (KSCC), Agboyi, Ketu, Lagos.

— Motherless Babies Home, Lekki, Lagos.

— Transit Home/Shelter, Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos.